• Our flagship pork loin will create raving customers for you
  • Proprietary slicing and processing equipment deliver excellent taste and appearance
  • Competitive pricing allows for plenty of bottom line profit for you
  • Our long-term vendors provide us consistent quality that we pass on to you

Are you looking for a new best-seller for your product lineup?

Would you like to have more profit?

At Uncle Charlie’s Meats we mean business—the meat business that is.

Over 70 years’ experience

What does this mean for you, the wholesale distributor? You benefit from our decades of experience in the meat industry, which affords us a high level of expertise in processing and selling only the juiciest, most delicious meats.

Our ability to purchase in bulk means our complete line of high-quality meats—including pork, sausage, ground beef, steaks, and roasts—is  priced competitively, leaving plenty of room for profit on your end.

Over our long history, we’ve developed and maintained strong relationships with many long-term vendors. These key relationships ensure that our meats’ superior taste and quality have remained consistent over the years. Once we figure out the best way to do something, we keep doing it.

Fantastic taste & quality

Your customers will love our famous pork loin. It’s moist, extra tender, and coated with our unique seasoning blend that has acquired a widespread and loyal fan base.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just ask us—we probably have it or can custom prepare it for you.

Our stringent safety and quality procedures—including onsite flash freezing—ensure all our products will reach you fresh, on time, and ready for distribution to your own customers.

When your customers see the Uncle Charlie’s name stamped on a package, they’ll know to rely on and expect a dependably delicious product from you. Selling our meats translates into loyal repeat customers for you.

What makes our products unique

Our proprietary slicing equipment creates packaged products containing individual meat slices.  The slicer maintains a uniform taste and weight for each slice. This unique slicing process gives the overall effect of a hand-sliced product.

Our customers love this about our meats—and yours will, too.

We can’t wait for you to give us a try. We already service a number of distributors throughout the region, and we’d love to add you to our long list of satisfied customers.