We go way back

Our company history traces back to 1952. Our workforce at that time was just four employees. The fleet of delivery vehicles consisted of a single Dodge pickup truck with a milk box on the back loaded with meat. Uncle Charlie and his crew used a five-gallon milk bucket filled with ice and salt to keep the meat cold.

On the first day of business, Uncle Charlie worked with his team to process ground beef, “minitt” steaks, beef roasts, and sausage for retail delivery—a grand total of 150 pounds of meat. Sales for that first day were less than $50.

Steady growth

From those humble beginnings, our little company has grown substantially into both wholesale and retail operations. We still like to keep things simple—nowadays we just have a lot more kinds of meat for you to choose from.

In addition, over the years we’ve added top-notch “ready-to-eat” foods you can serve alongside our delicious meats.

However, we’ve never forgotten the principle our company was founded on—producing and selling the finest, highest-quality meats for you and your family.

Plus, today we even have huge freezers to keep our meat and assortment of frozen products nice and cold—no more ice and salt.

It’s about you

Our story is really not just about us, however. It’s actually a story that includes you, our loyal customers. Without you we would not exist. You’re the reason we get up and do what we do each day.
We’ve come to know what you expect because you’ve been our valued customer of such a long time. And we’ve never wavered from our intention to sell you only our best and tastiest meats—day in and day out.

We’ve been doing just that for over 70 years. Just like you would if you wanted to take all the time we do making our famous products the best they can be.

We sure hope you enjoy our delicious meats as much as we enjoy making them for you.